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Featured Au Pair Agency, Agent Au Pair

Featured Agency for November - Agent Au Pair

If you live in the Bay Area in San Francisco and you are looking for a small, experienced agency that cares about customer service, you are in luck!  Agent Au Pair, located in sunny California has been in business for over 10 years.  They are one of the least expensive agencies in the U.S.A. and they have their eye on quality au pairs and great customer service.

What Are Some of Agent Au Pair's Strengths? 

  • Phone Service - we give them an A. You are quickly connected to the Placement Manager, Morgan Crow, who eagerly answers all of your questions about hosting an au pair.
  • Au Pair Academy - even though this is a small agency, recruiting about 200 au pairs a year, they still hold a full week's face-face orientation located in San Francisco.  Most of the smaller agencies have given up the face-to-face au pair training conferences and have replaced them with "online training webinars." 
  • Smokers - if you do not want an au pair who smokes, call this agency.  They go above and beyond the normal screening process to ensure smokers do not slip through the cracks!
  • Newly Updated Website - in August of 2009, Agent Au Pair updated their look and added more resources and information for host parents. 
  • Agent Au Pair's Recruitment Rating:  Host parents rated the quality of their au pairs well - read the entire report here at the Clearinghouse.
  • Benefits of Au Pairs List - very helpful for new parents!

This is what Morgan Crow, Agent Au Pair's Placement Manager, has to say about her agency:   

  • Countries We Recruit From:  We recruit from Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia - over 40 countries in total.
  • We Specialize In:  We focus on Customer Service and Expert Matching. 
  • Special Needs Au Pairs: We do have Special Needs au pairs (depending on availability). 
  • Au Pair Agent Experience:  We have been bringing au pairs to the USA on a J-1 via for over 7 years.  With our professional management team and close partners in Europe, Agent Au Pair has solid placements and is poised to become the most affordable, mid-sized agency that has a full-service program with the highest rate of host family referrals.  Visit our website often for new updates on available au pairs and new areas nationwide that we service.  Our highest repeat host family rate (90%) speaks for itself!

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