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Au Pair Agencies & Organizations that Support P.E.A.P.

P.E.A.P.'s Mission

PEAP Logo To raise awareness of au pair abuse and exploitation before it happens.  We endeavor to support this effort by outreach and education. 

We encourage au pair agencies and organizations to support this important and worthwhile cause. 

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Why P.E.A.P.? Read about our Mission and Guidelines!

Prevent Exploitation of Au Pairs (P.E.A.P.) is Supported by the Following Au Pair Agencies & Organizations:

Tamaki Bowman, owner of Au Pair International Japan (AIJ)

Hello, Edina and Talya.

Way to go! Such a great advocacy website for the au pairs. So far we have only seen host families speaking out about their au pairs. People around the au pairs can start helping them using this website, and more than anything, I hope it will prevent host families from taking advantage of their au pairs in wrong ways.

Thank you for thinking about the au pairs.


Read our exclusive interview with Tamaki Bowman and learn about Japanese au pairs.

Great Au Pair Agency endorses Prevent Exploitation of Au Pairs (P.E.A.P.) 


GreatAuPair is always looking for ways to improve the quality of the Au Pair Exchange experience. We're happy to endorse the efforts of Edina Stone and Tayla Shoup who have created a new awareness group to Prevent Exploitation of Au Pairs (PEAP). Please support their efforts: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prevent-Exploitation-of-Au-Pairs-PEAP/299991700010917?sk=wall

Au Pair Foundation

Dear Edina,
Au Pair Foundation proudly stands with you in support of Prevent Exploitation of Au Pairs (PEAP).  We deeply care about all Au Pairs and all exchange participants.  Therefore, we are proud to support your endeavors in this effort.
Warm Regards,
Ellen Hoggard, President, Au Pair Foundation


Daniel Miller, au pair expert and author of Au Pair.

Dear Edina,

How is it that we seem least able to see the exploitation that often goes on within the homes that are so close to us? This is an issue avoided for far too long and I hope that your initiative (P.E.A.P) will receive widespread support and have a real impact.  

Daniel Miller

Dr. Miller is a world renowned professor of anthropology at the University College London and author of Au Pair, an ethnographic study of au pairs and host families. 
Review of Au Pair:  "A long overdue book that deals sensitively with the experiences of both au pairs and host families.  It moves between individual stories and their social context to reveal the tensions and the potential of this unique relationship."  Bridget Anderson, University of Oxford

Planet Au Pair

Dear Au Pair Clearinghouse,

We at Planet Au Pair wish to offer our support for the Prevention of the Exploitation of Au Pairs.
Best Regards,

Michael Cody,

Planet Au Pair

Avenida Ausias
March 32, Pta. 4
Valencia, Spain


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