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AuPairClearinghouse Members FAQs

Welcome to Au Pair ClearingHouse!  Members are busy working parents and we get that!  In order to speed up a resolution to any problems you are experiencing, check this list first. 

Member's FAQs:

1.  I paid for a membership, but I cannot sign on.

UPDATE:  We improved our member login process by asking you to create your own password and user id when you sign in to buy a membershipPlease keep your password and user id handy for future use. 

2.  I forgot my user id and password.

If you forgot your password you can click on "Request a New Password" and a login link will be emailed to you immediately. If you forgot all your login information, please email us at info@aupairclearinghouse and we can get that information to you ASAP!

3.  I have read all of the reviews and reports, etc., but I am still unsure which agency to use. 

Please feel free to send your questions about any of the au pair agencies to Edina Stone, at edinastone@aupairclearinghouse.com and she will be more than happy to answer them!

For any other questions or problems you may have, email us at info@aupairclearinghouse.com

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