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Au Pair Agency Ratings & Reviews - 2015

Sister With Brothers

2015 Au Pair Agency Ratings & Quality Reviews

We Rate All of the Au Pair Agencies on the Following Features:

  • Phone Service Ratings: “Secret shopper” calls to each agency measure friendliness, usefulness and helpfulness.  Do they answer with a live person or a machine? Do they use a hard sales approach?

  • Specialized Programs: What are the best agencies that offer programs with graduated levels of au pair expertise with infants and special needs children?

  • Overall Customer Service Ratings:  Which Top 3 agencies were voted as the BEST?

  • Help With Problems:  How well do agencies assist with problems?

  • Matching Services: Not all agencies are the same! Each has different matching services—find out which ones are better and more efficient than others.

  • Au Pair Quality Screening: We identify the agencies that recruit the best au pairs and what kind of psychometric testing they use. 

  • Strengths & Weaknesses:  Our BEST FEATURE!  We offer a comprehensive list of agency service highlights - what they get 'right' and where they stumble and fail. 

  • Local Counselors/Reps:  Ratings and other parents' comments on the local support you are paying for!

    ...And MUCH MORE! 

Agent Au Pair   

Located in San Francisco, this small "boutique" agency is starting to grow and now services over 500 families a year.  Smaller agencies often give great customer service - but does this agency deliver?  Find out how Au Pair Clearinghouse rated their costs, phone service and au pair screening methods.  If you don't want to get an au pair who smokes, this agency may be for you!  Newly upgraded website.

Au Pair Care

Au Pair Care has a 25-year reputation and status as an industry leader and was one of the first au pair agencies designated and regulated by the U.S. Department of State. Au Pair Care has placed more than 40,000 au pairs from more than 40 countries with families nationwide. Read how host parents rate them on customer service and well-screened au pairs and more!  Heidi Woehl, VP, left the agency and after that, we noticed an increase in negative comments and lower ratings from host parents.  In 2014, they received more negative comments than ever - FIND out how their host parents rate this agency in 2015! 

Au Pair Foundation

Appears on our Top Au Pair Agency List!  Under new management, this smaller agency, located in Petaluma, California, is making great changes across the board.  They improved their au pair screening methods and are now using a standardized psychometric au pair test.  Check out this agency if you are interested in a small, hands on agency that has solid au pairs. Read our new interview with current Director, Ellen Hoggard.

Au Pair in America

One of the larger agencies, this New England based program continues to receive mixed reviews and ratings.  Find out what their strengths and weaknesses are before you sign up. Their website is not easy to navigate and information is not organized as well as it could be. We have host family comments and recommendations regarding Au Pair in America's refund policy, matching, hidden fees, placement counselors and recruitment of au pairs.  Two recent reports on au pairs gone bad - read about childcare safety issues and use of nanny cams!  Find out how host parents rate this controversial agency for 2015! 

Au Pair International

Located in Colorado, this small, 'boutique' agency focuses on customer service and are one of the mid-range priced programs.  You can match with an Au Pair Professional - an au pair who has either a formal childcare degree or a minimum of 2 years documented childcare experience.   Host parents give them mixed ratings for certain services - find out which ones before you sign up!  In 2015, there are issues with their local support representatives - check out their review before you call them. 

AuPair USA

Located in New York, they offer their au pairs a 5 day training orientation in the Big Apple, near Times Square and the Empire State Building and au pairs love this feature.  Newly updated website includes a sleek, modern look and easier navigation.  See how host families rate them for 2015 for Overall Customer Service, Matching Process, Quality Au Pairs and more.  They are celebrated their 25th year anniversary in 2014.


Located in San Anselmo, California, this smaller agency has knowledgeable and friendly staff who is more than happy to spend lots of time explaining the au pair program to new parents.  They are one of the few programs that offer male au pairs and the office will send you au pair applications to review before you even apply - no other agency does this!  Their motto is "One-on-one, quality customer service" - but do they really deliver?

Cultural Care

The largest agency in the industry, Cultural Care is located in Cambridge, MA.  They are also one of the oldest agencies around (established in 1989) so they enjoy a high level of brand name recognition here in the U.S., and abroad.  Great website with lots of user friendly features where they dominate in social media marketing.  VP Natalie Jordan has been very accessible and willing to share news about her agency with us - we have interviewed her twice!  Find out why they have mixed reviews for both customer service and quality of au pairs. 


Located in Laguna Beach, California, EurAuPair received mixed ratings from their host parents for the quality of au pairs they recruit, but they enjoy high marks for overall customer service.  They recently upgraded their outdated website, which was long overdue. 

Expert Au Pair

An agency that services all of Florida, this program focuses on great customer service and recruiting quality au pairs.  They do service other parts of the United States, but their CEO, Mark Gaulter, said they want to "...grow slowly so they don't lose sight of their goal of providing quality service to their host families."  Check out how their host families rate them in 2015!  Their recently updated website is more user friendly and offers more host family resources and information.  

Great Au Pair USA

Located in Texas, this NEW agency (2014 - 2015) has experience running the online au pair/host family matching site, Great Au Pair. Their new website is professional, transparent (information is easy to find and program fees, US Dept. Regulation Rules. etc., are clearly spelled out, etc.).  The married owners are pleasant, honest and down to earth and we expect great things from this newest addition to the family of USA au pair agencies.  

Go Au Pair

Located in Murray, Utah and founded in 1989, this mid-size agency is growing!   They have several programs, including Au Pair Plus, Educare and Premiere Au Pairs.  Host parents give them good ratings for Best Overall Customer Service.  Read our exclusive interview with Go Au Pair's Director, Tanna Wilson


A new au pair agency that opened in 2011 and based in San Clemente, California, PROaupair’s speciality is recruiting older, experienced au pairs, many of them who have professional degrees in pediatric nursing, teaching and early childhood education, etc.    

As we see an increase in families with special needs children (particularly as the number of children diagnosed with autism climbs), parents are frantic to find appropriate childcare.  PROaupair’s CEO and Founder, Susan Asay, says their mission is to “Match experienced, bilingual au pairs from Germany and other European countries with host families.”   Former VP of Au Pair Care, Heidi (Woehl) Mispagel is now working at PROaupair as their Executive Vice President.  PROaupair is lucky to have Ms. Mispagel and we expect great things from this agency now that Ms. Mispagel is at the helm!

The International Au Pair Exchange (TIAPE)

2015:  If you register through this website, you will be transferred to PROaupair.  

2014:  THIS AGENCY APPEARS TO BE CLOSED.  THEIR WEBSITE IS STILL UP AND RUNNING and when you call the  800#, a person tells you they are "open" but they can't explain the fact there is no way to sign up, no au pairs to view and no real information on their site about anything (fees, about us, au pairs available, etc.).  A new member of the Department of State regulated au pair agencies, TIAPE is located on the West Coast, a highly desirable destination for au pairs.  They received their designation in June, 2010.  Last time we spoke to them in May of 2014, we were told they are a "Sister company of PROaupair."  There was no comment from PROaupair when we emailed Susan Asay, the President of ProAuPair. 


A smaller, 'boutique' agency that services under 100 host families a year.  Because of their small size, the contact you have with their staff should be above par.  In 2011, they were sued by one of their German au pairs for one million dollars related to alleged sexual abuse by host father (story is revealed in this review).  USAuPair is located in Oregon and their fees are among the lowest in the au pair industry.  See if they have bounced back from the negative press over the 2011 abused au pair case.  We have the newest ratings for 2015.



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