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Au Pair Agency Profiles

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Au Pair Agencies Profiled At the Clearinghouse

Au Pair Agency Profiles highlight some of the best agencies we review and rate.  Au Pair Clearinghouse offers ratings and reviews of the best au pair agencies in the United States.  Find the best au pair agency on our au pair resource website!  We identify the best features and benefits of the best au pair agencies in the industry by collecting host parents ratings.  In addition, we contact au pair agency staff for up-to-date news and agency strengths. To read a few of our most recent featured profiles, click on their links below.

InterExchange Au Pair USA

Located in New York, InterExchange Au Pair USA offers their au pairs a 5 day training orientation in the Big Apple, near Times Square and the Empire State Building.  Au pairs love this feature.  Their newly updated website includes a sleek, professional look with easier navigation and one of their Japanese au pairs won the prestigious Au Pair of the Year Award!  Host parents ratings are mixed for English speaking au pairs, driving skills and overall customer service (2013).  

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Au Pair Foundation Profile 

Located in Petaluma, California, Au Pair Foundation is a small "boutique" agency that has recently gone through some changes in their administration and they now have a new President, Ellen Hoggard and new Program Director.  This agency recently upgraded their au pair screening methods and receives good reviews from their host parents.

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Great Au Pair

Great Au Pair

New au pair agency that opened in last year, Great Au Pair USA has lots of experience with au pairs and nannies (their matching platform online precedes their new Dept. of State designated au pair agency) and they may be the answer to your childcare quest!

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Expert Au Pair

Located in St. Petersburg, Expert Au Pair services all of Florida and has one of the lowest program fees in the industry.  Even though they are a relatively new agency, host parents rated them fairly well for Driving Skills.  Read more about how well they are rated by host parent for Quality of Au Pairs, Driving Skills and more!

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Au Pair Care

Headquartered in San Francisco's Financial District, Au Pair Care is considered one of the premier au pair agencies.  They were one of the first agencies designated by the U.S. Department of state (1989) and since then, they have placed over 40,000 au pairs in American homes. We think their unique Infant Specialized Infant Program sets them apart from the rest of the best - find out how host parents rate then in 2014 on Local Support, Customer Service and Quality of Au Pairs.

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Cultural Care 

Located in Cambridge, MA and founded in 1989, this is the largest agency in the U.S.  They have expanded into China and Thailand and in 2012, they began recruiting from Ireland.  Their website is well-stocked with valuable resources for host families, is user friendly and customer oriented.  Cultural Care is media savvy, with twitter and Facebook exposure, online educational videos and counselor blogs. 
We have their ratings that shed light on their Strengths & Weaknesses!

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Go Au Pair

Located in Murray, Utah, and founded in 1989, this smaller agency is growingGo Au Pair have several programs, including Au Pair Plus, Educare and Premiere Au Pairs.  Go Au Pair now recruits au pairs from China, a new trend in hosting au pairs.  Tanna Wilson, Managing Director, discusses Chinese au pairs with the Clearinghouse in our exclusive interview. 

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Agent Au Pair

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and you are looking for a small, experienced agency that cares about customer service, this agency may be the one for your family! Agent Au Pair, located in sunny California has been in business for over 10 years. Their program fees are reasonable and they claim:  "We have our eye on quality au pairs and great customer service."  Check out some of their lower ratings before you sign a contract.

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CHI Au Pair, located in San Anselmo, California, has been in business since 2004CHI AuPairUSA is a Boutique Agency that Offers Personalized Matching and Au Pairs with solid English speaking skills.

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