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Au Pair Benefits

Au Pair Benefits - by Agent Au Pair

Here are just some of the Benefits Hosting an Au Pair can offer: Au Pair & Baby With Toys

  • Weekly cost of just $320 per week. This includes fees paid to the agency and the weekly stipend. This cost is independent of the number of children in your family.
  • Consistent, guaranteed number of childcare hours each week. Unlike hiring a nanny or attending daycare, having an au pair provides you with a set number of childcare hours each week.
  • Scheduling flexibility. Hosting an au pair gives you the ability to determine your schedule. It can change week-to-week as your scheduling needs change.
  • Experienced, live-in childcare. Each of our au pairs is required to have childcare experience and attend Au Pair School which consists of child safety and development classes prior to arriving at your home. This gives our families the peace of mind that their au pairs are well-qualified to care for their children.
  • Cultural Experience. Becoming a host family will expose your family to a new language, culture, traditions and way of living.
  • Help with household. An au pair provides assistance with duties related to your children; preparing meals, tidying up their rooms, and assisting with laundry.
  • Support from a local Agency and LCC. Agent Au Pair is headquartered in San Francisco, and your LCC (local community counselor) will help support you and your au pair throughout the year with your family.

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