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What Is the Au Pair Host Family Experience Really Like?

What is the Host Family Experience?

Becoming a host family is truly a rewardingHelping Child experience. For many host families, their Au Pair is part of the family – like an older brother or sister to your children and it is quite common for this relationship to last for years, if not forever.  Many children grow up to visit their au pairs abroad while backpacking through Europe, and au pairs without fathers walk down the aisle on their host father's arm.   

As a host family you will not only have the convenience and flexibility of in-home child care, but you will also have a unique cultural experience.  Hosting an au pair will give your children the opportunity to learn about other countries including customs, languages and different foods.  

Being part of the family as a live-in, an au pair is able to adapt to your family routines, giving your children a sense of predictability and a more comfortable, less stressed day.  Children always prefer to stay  home and in familiar surroundings.  For you, as a parent, your au pair helps free up your busy schedule, allowing you to spend quality time with your children. 

Parents enjoy the freedom having an “extra pair of hands”  around the house!  If one of the children gets ill, an au pair stays home to care for the child - if you and your spouse need a night off, the au pair is there to cover for you!  If you are running late from work, don't worry, the au pair is home with the children. 

A family with young children often opt to take their au pair on vacation with them.  An au pair is a great help on holiday and gives you an opportunity to really enjoy the trip!  Going out alone with your husband is a breeze if you take an au pair with you! 

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