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Au Pairs - A Great Choice for Your Family?

Why Are Au Pairs A Great Choice for Busy Families?


We receive so many emails from parents who ask, "Are au pairs still a good childcare option?"  We always tell them "Yes!" and then we send them a list of reasons why.  We want to post this list for all parents who are sitting on the fence and wondering, "Should I consider an au pair?"

Au pairs are in high demand, despite the troubled economy.  Parents have to work, and the majority of American families are two-income and two-paycheck households.  Someone has to be home to take care of the kids!  If Grandma is not stepping up to the plate and you don't like daycare (or, can't afford it), consider hosting an au pair! 

Why are Au Pairs such a great choice for busy, two-paycheck families?

  • Cost is the Number One reason!  Hosting an au pair is extremely affordable when you compare costs across daycare, after school programs and nannies.  For about $7.50 an hour, you can have live-in help with up to 45 hours of childcare a week.
  • Quality Childcare: that includes kids' meals, laundry and daily clean-up of their bedrooms, playroom and kitchen.
  • USA Government Approved:  The au pair programs are supervised by the United States Government through the U.S. State Department.
  • Au Pairs Are Carefully Screened: all au pairs undergo physical and psychological testing; they must pass a criminal background check and their English skills and driving abilities are assessed by a local agent that speaks their language.   
  • Cultural Exchange: you and your children experience a new language and cultural!  Parents feel exposing their children to different cultures worldwide is an important component of their overall education.
  • Au Pairs Drive: when you are working, your au pair can drive your child to activities and play dates are never a problem. 
  • Health Insurance:  au pairs have health insurance so if there is a medical issue, no problem, they are covered.
  • Support all Year:  you have the support of your agency and their local staff all 12 months of the au pair's stay.  The agency handles your au pair's flight, visa and orientation training and arranges the au pair's travel to your home. 
  • Review The Best Au Pair Agencies Now:  Find out what our host families say about their au pair agencies.  Who did they rate the best and which ones did they say to avoid?  Only available on the Clearinghouse:  parents' complaints & testimonials and customer satisfaction ratings!
  • Different Nationalities:  Would you like to know which au pairs have both good English and driving skills?  Read all about the different cultures and countries that au pairs are recruited from.  We reveal the potential weaknesses and strengths of different nationalities when considering an au pair.

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