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Au Pairs - Are They Right For You?

Au Pairs - Are They Right For You?

Why Are Au Pairs A Great Choice for Busy Families?

I receive so many emails from parents who ask me, "Are au pairs really a good childcare option?"  I always tell them "Yes!" - and then I send them a list of reasons why. I want to post this list for all parents who are sitting on the fence and wondering, "Should I consider an au pair?"

Au pairs are in high demand, despite the troubled economy.  Parents have to work, and the majority of American families are two-income and two-paycheck households.  Someone has to be home to take care of the kids!  If Grandma is not stepping up to the plate and you don't like daycare (or, can't afford it), consider hosting an au pair!  Find out why au pairs make such a great choice for busy, two-paycheck families...

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