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Top 6 Tips to Avoid Dishonest Au Pairs!

Top 6 Tips to Avoid Dishonest Au Pairs and a Potential Crisis!

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  • TIP #1.  Make sure you choose a good, reputable au pair agency - there are 14 agencies in the USA and they are not all alike!  Each one recruits and screens their au pairs and counselors differently - and their customer service, once you match with an au pair, can vary greatly  across each agency.

  • TIP #2.  To avoid matching with an au pair who may have mental health issues or addiction problems, ask your agency what kind of psychometric test they use.  Many tests are "pop" personality tests that au pairs can find on the internet and practice taking.

  • TIP #3.   Interview each au pair well, over at least 2-3 phone calls, use Skype if you can (this will allow you to at least see her as she talks to you) and check all references - don't assume anything. 

  • TIP #4.  Be tough - make sure you tell both your agency and prospective au pairs that certain factors are "deal breakers" and that you will fire/return the au pair if you find the au pair lied about: driving, smoking, drinking, partying, speaking English, childcare experience or lack of a responsible and mature personality. For example, do you know how to screen for an au pair who is in a serious relationship with a boyfriend?

  • TIP #5.  Au pairs and agencies will get away with what they can but if they know you being proactive and there will be a consequence down the road, they will often change their way of dealing with you, for the better. If an au pair who is lying to you knows that you will fire her if she is caught smoking or has a car accident because she really isn't an "experienced driver" she will move on to the next unsuspecting host family!

  • TIP #6.  Interview your prospective counselors/LCCs!  If you don't "click" she may not be for you - and you should assess if the "counselor" is a salesperson first or a true mediator.  You don't want a salesperson to help you when you have serious issue with your au pair - she will not know what to do, nor will she want to get involved. Match with an au pair agency that recruits and hires great au pair representatives/counselors!




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