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Au Pair Reviews - BEST Au Pair Agencies for 2013

Top Au Pair Agencies List for 2013!

Host families who completed our year long Host Family Satisfaction Survey rate their experience with the 14 au pair agencies in the United States - find out which agency was rated Number 1 and why.


Host parents chose 3 TOP agencies for Overall Customer Satisfaction

Read some of the host parent comments for each of the top 3 winners:

Host Family 2013 Survey Respondents Comments

Host parents write in comments and provide feedback on hosting au pairs, program refunds, customer service, matching, au pair screening, au pair driving skills and more

Here are a few comments for each of the winning agencies for 2013:

Au Pair Agency Rated #1 for 2013: 

  • "My placement counselor always called me back and seemed to know the answers to our questions. We are a first time host family and we appreciated their great customer service!"
  • "This agency didn't forget us or our au pair after we matched - they continued to be available to us all year round, not like other, larger agencies who 'sell' you a contract and then ignore you after your au pair arrives."
  • "Yes, I would certainly recommend this smaller agency to other parents!"  

 Au Pair Agency Rated #2 for 2013: 

  • "We've had one amazing Au Pair and one not so amazing Au Pair."
  • "The majority of au pairs we hosted were just great!"
  • "The problem with this agency is they don't provide a score for English, they prefer you interview without knowing the English speaking status.  Because I have a special needs child I pushed for matches of high English speaking ability and they obliged, however they were not going to at first."
  • "We need strong drivers and agency never disappointed."
  • "Thanks to Au Pair Clearinghouse, we found (this agency) and we are more than satisfied, we are overjoyed with our au pair - the kids love her!"

Au Pair Agency Rated #3 for 2013:

  • "I have been with cc for five years and customer service, or lack of as of now, is poor and the quality has gone down."
  • "We were first time hosts, specifically said we needed a good driver.  None of the candidates we were matched were. Our au pair could not drive safely when she arrived.  We paid for driving school to the tune of $600.  Still had problems.  Rematched and had the same problem."
  • "Our agency worked hard for us when we were in rematch."
  • "Au pair did not pick up our child from bus stop!"
  • "This agency's main office did not return my phone calls for over a week.  Unacceptable and I switched to another agency when my contract was over." 
  • "My local counselor was great - but then she is a social worker so she knows her stuff - maybe all au pair agency 'counselors' should in fact be licensed by the USA government?"
  • "Refunds are not easy to get with this agency...."
  • "My au pair was good, and their service was fine - yes, I would recommend them to other parents."
  • "I have a special needs child and our au pair was terrific with her - I did work hard alongside my placement counselor to find her, and I advise ALL parents not to depend on your agency to get you that perfect au pair - you have to do the work too!"

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