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Best Quality Au Pairs - 2013 Au Pair Agency Ratings

 Host Parents Ratings - the Best Quality Au Pairs

In our 2013 Host Family Satisfaction Survey, parents rate their Satisfaction with their agency’s Quality of Au Pairs.

The Quality of Au Pairs is defined by these characteristics: 

 Happy Mother

  • Ability to Keep Children Safe
  • Pleasant & Flexible Personalities
  • Ability to Drive Well 
  • Ability to Speak English Well
  • Childcare Experience

Survey Outcomes

  • Among the TOP 4 agencies, host parent satisfaction ratings range from just 71% to 80%.  Only one leading au pair agency falls into this top category.
  • Five agencies fall into the Average category (60%-66% satisfaction) - with 2 leading au pair programs on the list.
  • The remaining 4 agencies receive the Lowest ratings (46% - 56%) and one leading agency, located on the East Coast, is among them.

Au pair agencies receiving low ratings indicate host parents are "Dissatisfied - Very Dissatisfied" with the au pair they were matched with. 

Sample Comments by Host Family 2013 Survey Respondents

  • "We had one FABULOUS au pair we got in rematch. We then matched with a HORRIBLE au pair who was positioned as motivated and a great driver. Her driving was extremely dangerous, and she abandoned our family after only 10 days to go to a language school in New York. Our third au pair, from rematch, seems good so far."
  • "This agency is a scam. They shuffle incompetent, poorly selected au pairs from one family to the next, with no accountability."
  • "Our au pair moved out in the middle of the night with 7 weeks on her contract.  Initially, agency was helpful, but local coordinator failed to follow up."
  • "Our agency did not have a large pool of good au pairs...I don't know how they run their business when they cannot provide the basics:  au pairs that can communicate in English, drive and have some childcare experience.  Unbelievable!"
  • "We always find good au pairs with this agency, we have been with them now for 5 years and they don't disappoint!"

Individual Au Pair Agency Ratings

Several agencies are able to recruit and offer reliable au pairs.  However, the majority of the United States au pair agencies seem to be having difficulty with their main objective:  matching families with good, stable au pairs who can drive and speak English well.

Don't guess if your agency will find you a great au pair - let other host parents' experience guide you to the best au pair agency for your family.  Verify with our survey results - and do your research before you sign a contract.  Refunds are very difficult to get from au pair programs.

Find out which agencies deliver great au pairs....

Find out which agencies fall short.....

Read our Quality of Au Pairs Review for 2013 Now.


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