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Deborah Schwarz, LCC with Cultural Care

About Deborah Schwarz

Hello! My name is Deb Schwarz and I am the local coordinator for Mill Valley and Tiburon, and Multiples Specialist for host families across the country.

I was introduced to the wonderful world of au pairs in 2000 when I was pregnant with triplets. With no relatives in the area, and a 20 month old toddler, we were overwhelmed so we hired a nanny from England. She was great but after spending lots of time and money with an immigration attorney and 3 months of waiting, her visa was denied…. so we looked into getting an au pair.

My first thought was that au pairs would be high school students - but I was pleasantly surprised when we got our first au pair, Done from South Africa. Her fun loving, enthusiasm was just what our 2 year old daughter needed in the face of her world being rocked by 3 babies in the house! (you can see Done’s photo in the “Host Family Stories” section). We had such a good experience we went on to host two au pairs at a time until the triplets went to kindergarten.

We now haveone au pair and plan on having them for many years to come! So far, we have had 16 au pairs from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Hungary and Germany - and have many fond memories and still keep in touch with many of them - we plan on going to several weddings in the near future!

I became an LCC in 2003 when I realized that many local host families were calling me for advice. I have had au pairs from 3 agencies and I chose Cultural Care because they were the most professional and had the best selection of au pairs. They are also the largest, by far, in Marin County (with over 130 au pairs!) - and I love that our au pairs have a big social network the minute they walk off the plane. Between Mill Valley and Tiburon - Cultural Care has over 60 au pairs!

I have loved being an LCC for Cultural Care. I call it my “feel good job” because I enjoy helping families change their life: reduce their stress, go on date nights, and teach their children about other cultures. I enjoy helping au pairs experience America, mature, learn about American life and develop lifelong friendships. I also enjoy the many trips and friendships that I’ve developed from being with Cultural Care - my Scottish husband, Anton and I have been to many Cultural Care events over the years.

I have been honored to be part of the Golden Heart League, the top 1% of the LCCs in the country.

When I’m not doing Cultural Care work, I’m a realtor with Frank Howard Allen (I’m never too busy for your referrals!), and volunteer at our four children’s elementary school in Mill Valley. We live in the Strawberry area of Mill Valley (but have lived in Tiburon and 5 different areas of Mill Valley) with our four children, Katie (8), and Ben, Alex and Maddie (6). My husband works in high technology and we have been tranferred to assignments in Scotland, Australia, Boston, England and NYC. Never a dull moment! We plan to stay in Mill Valley until the kids are in college - I’m tired of moving! I enjoy foreign films, food and traveling (and when I have the time, golf) Prior to being a realtor, I worked in marketing and advertising (for Pillsbury, Del Monte, Clorox, Landor Associates, BBDO Advertising and my own market research company, Strategix) - I grew up on a Christmas tree farm near Reading, PA and went to college at Wake Forest (BA in Psychology) and grad school at the University of Georgia (Master’s in Market Research)

Feel free to call me on 415-990-7571 (cell), or email me on DebSchwarz@mac.com. I truly enjoy helping you or your friends have a great au pair experience, and memories to last a lifetime

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