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Congratulations!  Becoming an Educated Parent about Au Pair Care will ensure that you will make the best childcare choices. 

We offer parents expert advice and tips from the first and only au pair agency reviews & ratings website on au pairs!  

You can count on us to show you the right way to match with a great au pair.

We offer sound and expert advice on which au pair agencies to sign up with and which ones to avoid.  You just took the guesswork out of finding a good au pair by becoming our newest member.

You can turn to us with confidence to receive the best information and advice on au pairs and hosting au pairs from our expert staff. 

If you want more information and current host family ratings and reviews, Join as a  Member! 

You will save Time & $$$ - Let us do your research on hosting au pairs for you!  We gather all the information you need to research your childcare options when it comes to hosting an au pair. 

Have peace of mind knowing you verified all the reviews, ratings and complaints on all the au pair agencies and before you hire someone to care for your child.   

Read what others have to say about the Nation's first and only consumer website for parents who are considering au pairs as their childcare choice!

Read our "Get Started" articles on au pairs:

CLICK HERE:  Safe & Reliable Childcare - A Parent's First Priority

Hiring a childcare giver is one of the most important things you can spend time on - as a parent you want to ensure your choice is a safe one.  Why?  Because your child’s well-being is your utmost concernYou can choose from daycare, nanny services, private babysitters, and of course, from the au pair programs.  How safe is au pair care?

CLICK HERE:  What Is An Au Pair?

Au Pair, from the French on par means Au Pair & Baby With Toys to indicate that the young woman living with a family and taking care of the children is on par or equal in status with the rest of the family.  Au pairs tend to be regarded as part of the family, like an older daughter, whose main responsibility is taking care of the children and chores related to the children.

Au pairs originated in Europe when upper "crust" or wealthy families wanted "help" with their young children, but desired a more relaxed and fun approach to childcare, compared to the older and often times more reserved "nanny" they experienced as a child.

 CLICK HERE:  Are Au Pairs A Great Choice for Busy Families?

Au pairs are in high demand, despite the troubled economy.  Parents have to work, and the majority of American families are two-income and two-paycheck households.  Someone has to be home to take care of the kids!  If Grandma is not stepping up to the plate and you don't like daycare (or, can't afford it), consider hosting an au pair!  Why au pairs are becoming America's most popular childcare care option.

CLICK HERE:  What's It Like to Be a Host Family?

Hosting an au pair is truly a rewarding experience and the entire family reaps many benefits - from learning new cultures, having more free time, flexibility and a sense of security knowing your children are safe at home. Read what it is really like to be a host family!

CLICK HERE:  Survey Indicates Working Parents Consider NOT Working as Childcare Costs Rise

A 2010 survey by Computershare Voucher Services (CVS) polled 1,000 working parents to discover some remarkable facts about childcare!  Have you ever considered not working and staying home to care for the children?  Do you spend most of your paycheck for daycare or nanny services?  If you said yes to one or both of these questions, you are not alone.

More than a third (36%) of parents surveyed said they do consider staying home because "they feel unable to cope with childcare costs." 

CLICK HERE:  Specialized Infant Care Program

Baby Boy Smiling.jpg Data from the Census Bureau show that over half of mothers' with infants are employed outside the home - these working moms have to arrange for childcare, but the first year of a baby's life is a critical developmental period that requires a consistent, reliable and nurturing caretaker.

As most working mothers know, maternity leaves are relatively short and they must entrust their precious infants in the care of someone else.

A new au pair program, sponsored by Au Pair Care, might be the answer! Infant Specialized Care is a program that provides families with a trained, live-in au pair who specializes in infant care and child development. Au Pair Care's program allows working mothers to provide their babies with consistent care in the comfort and safety of their homes.

CLICK HERE:  Au Pair Agency Profiles

We profile a different agency each month and summarize their best features and benefits to host parents!  Each snapshot includes location, phone service rating, costs comparison and customer service rating. 

Our agency profiles saves you time - review each agency at a glance and identify which program is the right childcare provider for you! 

CLICK HERE: Which Agencies Have the Best Drivers?

Not all agencies screen their au pairs the same when it comes to identifying safe and reliable drivers.  Put your mind at ease and let us share with you which agencies got the top ratings and which agencies did not!

CLICK HERE: TOP Rated Au Pair Agencies for 2013!

Check out our newest ratings and reviews for the Best Au Pair Agencies in the country.  Host parents like you rate their agencies and we collect hundreds of surveys throughout a 12 month period.  At the end of that time, we collect and write our findings and pass them on to you!  Finally, a better way to find a great au pair for your children.  Don't guess about an agency - verify and match with the best rated programs.  

Japan's Culture & Japanese Au Pairs

Au pairs from Japan are kind, patient and loving with children.  They tend to be hard working and desire to please their host families.  What are other strengths of a Japanese au pair?  What are their weaknesses?

Our Cultural Differences section reviews social and family customs and the potential strengths and weaknesses across various au pair nationalities.

Language Differences - How to Cope

Au pairs arriving in America are dealing with cultural differences and, yes, language differences! Their primary reason for joining the cultural exchange program is to improve their English. As your au pair struggles with her English, be patient and support her efforts. Your au pair may find her English is not as good as she thought and she may be upset about this, even embarrassed!  Encourage her when she tries to pronounce words and finds new words she has not encountered before.  Top tips on how to cope.

 Poll - Would You Host A Male Au Pair?

Analysis of the latest AuPairClearinghouse poll shows that a clear majority of respondents—61 percentsay they would hire a male au pair.  More specifically, the favorable responses divide themselves between 43 percent who say Yes, Absolutely and 18 percent who say Yes, I Think So.  Less than one-third of respondents [29 percent] indicate they would not hire a male au pair while only 11 percent are undecided. 

Read the Top factors that could influence a parent’s openness to hosting a male au pair in our Male Au Pair Poll Results.

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