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Dr. Flowers Talks About the Importance of Au Pair Psychometric Testing


Dr. Flowers co-designed the Booraem-Flowers Au Pair Psychometric Test used by several leading au pair agencies, including one of the larger and better rated agencies.

John Flowers received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and was a Professor of Social Ecology at the University of California at Irvine before his current position at the Chapman University as a Professor of Psychology. 

Dr. Flowers’ areas of research are cognitive-behavioral therapy process and outcome studies with special emphasis on group therapy, and in addition to numerous publications he has been an editor of three of the foremost journals devoted to group therapy. 

Edina:  We are delighted to speak with Dr. Flowers, the co-developer of the popular au pair psychometric test, Booraem-Flowers

Thank you very much Dr. Flowers, for agreeing to interview with the Clearinghouse!

Dr. Flowers:  It's a pleasure!

Edina:  Many of the leading au pair agencies use your test to screen their au pairs.  Dr. Flowers, how did you get involved in the design of the Booraem-Flowers test for au pairs? 

Flowers: EurAuPair in Laguna, California (where I live), contacted Dr. Booraem and myself and we agreed to design and validate a test specifically for au pairs. 

Edina: What is the test designed to measure?

Flowers:  It is designed to detect candidates who may be unsafe for children in either the candidate's judgment or the candidate’s ability to control their emotions in stressful situations.

Read the entire interview and learn what Dr. Flowers says is important in the proper screening of au pairs and why his test is the only test that meets the Department of State's criteria for screening au pairs. 

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