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Top Tips for Host Families

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Expert Advice. We share our expertise with new parents and current host families so you can find and keep the best au pair for your family. 

Our Top Tips for Host Families focus on the more common mistakes and important issues parents must deal with during their cultural exchange year with an au pair.  Learn about matching services, placement counselors and how to get au pair applications that you want to read. Get prepared for the agency interview so your family is ready and at their best!

Not all au pair agencies are the same, and not all share these important tips with their host families and au pairs. 

Don't host an au pair before you read these tips!

Host Family Interview - What to Expect

Before you are officially accepted into the cultural exchange program (i.e., before you can host an au pair), you and your family must be interviewed by the au pair agency of your choice. Why?

This is one of the government regulations put into place by the Department of State. Au pair agencies must comply with this regulation - each au pair program is audited once a year to ensure they are following the letter of the law.

The host family interview, if done correctly, will help ensure your success with your au pairs.

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Hosting Au Pairs - Top Ten Tips

Parents spend a lot of money on their au pairs - matching & agency fees, flight fees, car insurance, expenditures on her room, cell and computer, weekly stipend, college tuition, room and board.  Prices for an au pair can range from $16,000 - $20,000 a year.  How can you protect your investment? 

If you follow our expert advice in our Top Ten Best Tips on Hosting Au Pairs you can successfully avoid costly rematches and gaps in childcare.  Most au pair agencies have tough refund policies - you must pay, up front, a large portion of your agency fees before your au pair arrives and another large payment once you match.  If your au pair does not work out and you have to rematch and replace her, you may lose that refund. 

As one of our host parents said, "...au pairs should come with a manual, but until they do, read these tips on how to avoid sweating the small stuff."

Our Top Ten Best Tips list will show you how to best protect your investment!

Most Popular Au Pairs

What are the most popular nationalities host parents clamor for? Why are these au pairs so popular?

Generally, au pairs from this list of Most Popular Au Pairs are sought after because parents find their English and driving reliable and their positive personality features a welcome addition to their families.

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Make Your Placement Counselor Your New Best Friend

Every agency has a placement staff to assist parents with au pair applications and matching. If you are assigned to a personal counselor, your working relationship is KEY in getting quality applications in a timely manner.

Follow our Top Tips to ensure you get the kind of au pair applications you want so you can get the best match possible for your family!

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