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Hosting an Au Pair - How to Get Started!

Hosting an Au Pair - How to Get Started!

Hosting au pairs is not an easy task by any means.  Finding a great agency, interviewing childcare givers over the phone (blind if you don't use Skype) and opening your home to a stranger for a year to care for your child is a huge leap of faith. 

Thousands of American families take that leap of faith each year when they welcome a new au pair into their families.  Why?  Because the au pair program is affordable and it works very well (when all the pieces fall in place, like a puzzle).

Why do some parents get it right while others do not?  Parents make bad choices every year and the family and au pair go into "rematch" - the word that strikes fear and consternation in every counselor's heart when she/he hears it!

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