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Au Pair Sis Bio - Janine M. Synder

Janine is Go Au Pair's new Au Pair Sis - an interactive blog and online resource for connecting and supporting au pairs while they are with their host families.

I live in the suburbs of New Jersey and have 2 dogs and a cat.  I am engaged to be married and am looking forward becoming a stepmother.  My fiancé works in finance and is currently remodeling our  house and is amazing at DIY projects!  His daughter is an awesome 9-year-old who is an aspiring Rockstar/ NHL player. We have been BFF+ (more than best friends) for almost 6 years now.

I grew up with the most caring and supportive parents and sisters.  My three sisters and I are great friends and we talk every day. We all try to get together at least once a week. Growing up, there was always a lot of importance placed on traditions and celebrations. I value that and continue it in my own home. Our house motto was ‘Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much’ and we did!

I have always been interested in caring for children.   I have been a nanny for almost 12 years. I have worked with children from newborns to 15 year olds. I am an infant care specialist and have studied postpartum Doula care. Caring for children is, hands down, the most rewarding experience. The love that is shared cannot be found in any other “job.”  I can tell you the biggest secret I have learned is that the children that are harder to love, need it the most. Breaking down the walls into the heart of a child ensures that you will be there forever and, no doubt, they will be in yours.

I was very fortunate to work with three little boys in Princeton, New Jersey.  Princeton is rich with culture. During that time, I met and befriended au pairs from all over the world.  We always enjoyed telling each other about our own cultures and interests and tried to figure out the titles of American movies that were released in their country under a different name.

When I learned about Go Au Pair and the opportunity to become a Local Area Representative in May 2012, I knew it would be a great fit for me. I have had a great experience as a LAR and working with all of the amazing people at Go Au Pair. The Au Pairs in my cluster have mentioned the Go Au Pair difference to me and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of a team of people where “Everyone is so nice!”
As your Au Pair Sis, I want to officially welcome all host families and au pairs as members of the Go Au Pair family - I am excited to create an interactive and fun community for you!  I'll provide ongoing support and advice to help you maximize your cultural exchange experience while also enhancing the quality of the childcare we provide for your family.

I am looking forward to connecting with each of you and organizing a lot of fun activities for us to do together via the web - and that includes the au pairs and LARs in your area.  I enjoy cooking and baking, crafting and meeting new people.  I hope that my background can aid you in every aspect of the cultural care experience.

Janine M. Synder

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