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Let's Talk Au Pairs


We Help you Find the Right Au Pair from the Best Au Pair Agencies

There is so much to learn before you host an au pair and for new host parents, and you have so many questions:

What is an au pair and how is an au pair different from a nanny? Au pair and child   What are the au pair's expectations when she joins the program?  What countries do the best au pairs come from? What should I know about cultural differences?  How do I interview an au pair?  Will my au pair speak English?  Do au pairs drive?  How do I avoid costly mistakes when choosing an au pair?  What happens if I don't like my au pair once she arrives?

Don't worry, at AuPairClearinghouse, we provide the best consumer information for host parents that answers all of these questions, and more!

AuPairClearinghouse's mission is to provide parents with helpful and timely ratings, reviews and trends in the au pair industry so you can make the best childcare decisions for your children and family.


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