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Poll Results - Would You Hire A Male Au Pair?

American Host Parents Are Definitely Open
To Hosting a Male Au Pair

Analysis of the latest AuPairClearinghouse Male Au Pair Poll shows that a clear majority of host parents—61 percentsay they would hire a male au pair. 

More specifically, the favorable responses divide themselves between:

  • 43 percent who say Yes, Absolutely
  • 18 percent who say Yes, I Think So

Less than one-third of respondents [29 percent] indicate they would not hire a male au pair while only 10 percent are undecided. 

Most host parents would hire a male au pair

There are a Number of Factors that could influence an American Parent’s Openness to Hosting a Male Au Pair:

  • Positive Media coverage -  An example of a recent favorable news story is the International Au Pair Association (IAPA) Au Pair of the Year Award being given, for the first time, to a male au pair placed in America (Ricardo Silva de Araujo, Brazilian male au pair from the Cultural Care Au Pair Agency). 
  • Ages of children - Families with older children might favor male au pairs who tend to do better with older children.
  • Marital status of host mom - Single moms could see an advantage in a male au pair who would provide a positive male presence and role model in the household and also someone to help out with the heavy chores around  the house. 
  • Past experiences of host parents - Other factors that might predispose a host parent to select a male au pair include: the strength required to meet the physical demands of the job, the likelihood of homesickness, and the extent of driving required (where male au pairs are typically viewed as more experienced).
  • Sex of the Children - families with lots of boys who are active and run around will love to have an older "brother" around to play soccer and hang out with!

In the future, the AuPairClearinghouse will more fully explore the factors that best predict successful au pair selection.  So watch for follow-up surveys and articles!

Read our article, Can Men Be Au Pairs Too?  Tips and advice on why hiring a male au pair could work for you and your family!

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