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Most Popular Au Pairs

Most Popular Au Pairs

Who are the most popular au pairs families clamor for today?  Why are they in such high demand? 

Generally, the most sought after au pairs from our Top 7 Most Popular Nationalities have what American families expect and demand for their childcare needs:

Driving – if you need a good, safe driver, you need to know who these au pairs are.

English Skills – most host families demand an au pair who they can communicate with easily and for those who have young children, good English skills are a must!  Young children easily become frustrated with their au pairs who cannot understand them and when they must repeat their questions, etc.

Culturally Adaptable – the au pair industry has identified nationalities that adapt more quickly and easily into American culture.  Au pairs who adapt easily into American family life and culture experience less anxiety, less depression and suffer less homesickness. 

Cultural Shock can often disrupt your au pair’s general well-being and negatively affect your entire family. If you want an au pair who can hit the ground running, check our list of "Most Popular Au Pairs".   

Positive Personality Styles:  Which countries produce au pairs with warm, sunny personalities?  Which cultures are known for au pairs with energy and loving ways with children? 

We identify those au pairs who are family-oriented and fit right into large American families.  Here are just a few highlights from Most Popular Au Pairs:

  • Dutch au pairs generally speak a third language, either French or German.
  • Japanese au pairs are catching on in America and -won the coveted Au Pair of the Year Award in 2010, the first time an Asian received this honor.  Find out more why Japanese au pairs are great with young children. 
  • There is a dramatic increase in the recruitment of au pairs from South America - why? 
  • Which nationality did the Senior VP of Cultural Care, Natalie Jordan, describe as their most popular and asked for au pair?

Don't Hire An Au Pair Before You Read Most Popular Au Pairs.

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