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New Au Pair Agency Opens!

Good and exciting news for our readers!  We have a new au pair agency in the country - Great Au Pair USA.  I know Jamie and Shannon, the married couple that owns Great Au Pair (the matching service platform they opened in 2011) and now they opened an agency comparable to the other 13 USA au pair agencies.  We wrote up a review for them, with only the basics, since we have no host family surveys completed since they are so new (opened in 2013).  

They are very friendly, have a great website, that is fast, professionally done and full of information host parents need and want.  When you call them, they are very helpful, warm and there is no sales pitch whatsoever!  

If you live in Texas, you might want to give them a call (they do service other states, but they are just starting out with one or two families at a time).

We would like to share Great Au Pair USA's current write up for our readers!  If you do consider them, expect good old Texan hospitality and great customer service!

Great Au Pair USA

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