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NOT All Au Pair Agencies Are the Same!


Read All Au Pair Agency Reviews Now

Host Family Tip:  Research each au pair agency before you sign up - know which agencies are the best in the industry and which agencies to avoid.  

Remember, not all agencies are the same!  

We collect Host Family Satisfaction Surveys for 12 months and then tally all the ratings and deliver them to you, the consumer.  Parents need to ensure their au pair will be safe with children.  

Finally, a better way to match with a great au pair!

Included in Our Au Pair Agency Reviews:

  • Major Agency Strengths - agencies with low fees; good au pair health insurance, quality au pairs, parent recommendations, customer service, local support, etc.
  • Major Agency Weaknesses - most expensive fees, poor screening methods, au pairs who don't drive or speak English, poor customer service, etc.
  • Agencies that have Quality au pairs - which agencies shine and which agencies to avoid!
  • Cost-effective au pair agencies - we outline all costs for each agency
  • Specific Programs -  we identify agencies that have unique programs for special needs children, infants and half-time childcare.
  • Agency Websites -  which sites are user friendly, offer great host parent resources, ease of navigation so you can easily find what you need, easily found program fees, etc.
  • Phone Service -  how agency staff handle calls, which agencies depend on answering machines, emergency coverage, helpfulness, etc.  We call agencies on a regular basis and keep our ratings up to date.  
  • New Trends - we identify new trends in the au pair industry and share them with you - we reported in 2011 that Irish au pairs would be coming to America and they are here now.  They make great au pairs because they speak proficient English and they assimilate well into our culture.
  • New Programs - know all the newest programs that are introduced by each agency.  We reported on the industry's push for child safety led first by Au Pair in America and then followed by Au Pair Care.  
  • Special Needs Families:  We identify which agencies are best for Special Needs families and parents with a new infant, and more....
  • Host Family Ratings - how did host parents like yourself rate each agency? 
  • Customer Service - most of your $$ spent on an au pair goes to the agency for servicing you.  How well do the agencies measure up?  We tell you which agencies to avoid and which agencies get high marks for overall customer service!  

 Not all au pair agencies are the same - know more and choose better! 

An Educated Parent Makes the Best Childcare Choices

Read All Au Pair Agency Reviews Now


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