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P.E.A.P. - Prevent Exploitation of Au Pairs


Prevent Exploitation of Au Pairs

My friend and colleague, Talya Shoup, author and owner of Best Au Pair Guide, and I have started a new au pair support organization

Prevent Exploitation of Au Pairs - P.E.A.P.

We’ve founded P.E.A.P. in response to the recent story of a German au pair who was allegedly abused by her host father. This case is not the first and will certainly not be the last, instance of au pairs being mistreated.  We are here to help prevent such abuse and we encourage all au pair agencies, host parents and au pairs to come to facebook, like us and share with all and any au pairs you may know - and their parents! 

Au pairs are often in a vulnerable position.  They are young, inexperienced and away from their families often for the first time!  While most host families are safe, loving, and welcoming, the occasional host family’s home is not a place where au pairs are treated as they should be. In addition, some au pairs are tricked into believing they will work as au pairs, when in fact they end up as victims of human trafficking.

With P.E.A.P., we hope to be an advocacy group for au pairs. Our goal is to be the voice for au pairs who have been abused, exploited, or harassed.

P.E.A.P.'s Mission Statement: 

To serve as an advocate for au pairs in the United States and abroad, to help prevent abuse and to support au pairs who have been exploited.

Our guiding principles:

  • Au Pairs’ Right to Safety and Well-beingAu Pairs have a right to freedom from sexual, physical, emotional and occupational abuse. 

  • Focus on the Au Pair Community and Au Pair IndustryPrograms focus on  global au pair communities and the au pair industry that represents, recruits, hires and places au pairs in host families. By promoting the need for educational programs, we challenge and support au pair agencies & au pair organizations to take responsibility for the prevention of au pair abuse.

  • Support for Victims of Abuse - Au pairs are encouraged to share their stories so others can learn from their experiences.  Sharing stories of abuse raise awareness.  Sharing stories of abuse can be personally and emotionally healing.

If you are an au pair who needs to report abuse or would like to share your story, please email us at preventexploitationaupairs@gmail.com.  We are connected to  professionals in human trafficking abuses and au pair experts who are committed to helping you!

To keep up with what is happening with Prevent Exploitation of Au Pairs, including news and updates, please visit our Facebook page.

Au Pair Agencies & Organizations that Support P.E.A.P

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