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Au Pairs from Paraguay


Paraguayan Au Pairs

by Leticia Vallejo, Program Director Global Education, Paraguay

The Au Pair program started in Paraguay in 2005, supported by Global Education.  Since then more than 300 Paraguayans has benefited from this program.  Global Education is known in Paraguay as the leading Au Pair organization. 

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Paraguay is located in the heart of South America; due to its location people from Paraguay speak Spanish, which is the second language more spoken in the US. Many American host families prefer au pairs from Paraguay since they are willing to share the language with the kids in the house and reinforce the skills with them.

Paraguayan au pairs have been known as hard working, friendly, flexible and responsible caregivers. They easily adjust to a new culture and are good following instructions. 

Motivation to be an Au Pair: Paraguayan au pairs want to go to the United States not only to improve their English, as this will increase their career opportunities back home, but also to share their culture with others and learn about new things.

Driving & English Skills: Although it is not so common for au pairs from Paraguay to drive prior to their arrival in the U.S., they still practice, assist to a driving school and get their driver’s license.  Some families may own their car for the au pair to practice on. While the number of Paraguayans who own cars is increasing, public transportation is widely used in urban areas.

They also have great linguistic abilities; beside Spanish and English, most Paraguayans also speak Guarani, which is a native language that is still used in our country. Some Au Pairs might even have a basic level of Portuguese.

Characteristics:  The majority of Paraguayans Au Pairs live in urban areas (small cities), so most of them are very comfortable in small/large cities.

Friendships are very important in Paraguay; in fact everyone who visits our country takes the same impression of the people, which are mainly friendly, warm and quite welcoming, especially with foreigners.

Culture:  The main meal in Paraguay is eaten at midday (our lunch) and not at the end of the day (our dinner).  Culturally, we are accustomed to have lunch altogether with our family. At 5 or 6 PM we only have some coffee or snacks, and then around 8 and 9 PM we have dinner. Paraguayans Au Pairs are aware of the different customs, such as the time in which people have their lunch or dinner, so they easily adjust to the new schedule of the family.

Expectations: The main expectation would be to be welcomed in a nice way and to be treated as a member of the family. Another expectation would be to see the town where she is going to live, accompanied by the family.

Childcare Experience:  Paraguayan au pairs have experience with a wide variety of age groups. Most of them have experience with newborns, from 0 to 12 months. Then they also have experience with older kids, and some of them with kids with physical disabilities. If they do not have the minimum required of hours they need, we provide them of places where they could volunteer as care givers, such as day care centers. By doing this, au pairs do not only gain the hours they need in order to participate of the program, but also help the community by doing volunteer work.

When traveling, Paraguayan Au Pairs are true ambassadors of Paraguay, since they take our culture, our customs, traditions, language and ways of living.  After their year as an Au Pair they also become true ambassadors from the country they visited and become true promoters of the country where their experience took place.  

For more information about our Paraguayan au pairs, contact one of our Coordinators (011-595-21220833) or visit our Website, globaleducation.com.py


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