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Best Top Tips for Au Pairs

black au pair with 2 kids2.jpgOur Top Tips for Au Pairs focus on the more common mistakes and important issues au pairs must deal with during their cultural exchange year abroad.  Before you au pair arrives, we suggest that you print the Tips pages and have place them in the au pair's room.

You can also use the Top Tips to initiate a discussion and one of the more important Top Tips that we think it critical is the Safe Driving Tips. New au pairs are notorious for making driving errors and if they are driving your children, please make sure you are having a "safe driving" discussion with your au pair before she gets behind the wheel of the car!

Not all au pair agencies are the same, and not all share these important tips with their host families and au pairs. 

Don't host an au pair before you read these tips!

5 Tips for Welcoming your Au Pair

Choosing an au pair is a huge decision for any family. Introducing her into an already established family routine may seem a bit awkward at first. However, there are a few things that a family can do ahead of time to make an au pair’s transition easier for everyone.

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10 Safe Driving Tips for Au Pairs

Au pairs must acclimate to new driving rules, roads and laws.  Many au pairs have to remember to drive on the opposite of the road, new au pairs often drive too fast or too slow, stress over the difficulty parking our large SUVs, and they don't know the unique laws of the state they have settled in.

Several years ago, an au pair in CT drove past a school bus with red lights flashing and hit a child.  She said she didn't know that she was supposed to stop!  To be fair, this kind of information is not given to them by the agencies.  It is a parent's responsibility to keep the au pair driver safe. 

We share our expertise working with au pairs and what driving advice is absolutely necessary to ensure they are safe drivers.  Print out our list of Top Safe Driving Tips for Au Pairs and review them with your new au pair!  

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If  You Are an Au Pair - How to Combat Jet Lag and Culture Shock

Jet lag and cultural shock can compromise your ability to adjust to your new family and to do your best as an au pair!  Making sure you get enough sleep at night, eating nutritious meals and drinking at least 6 glasses of water a day will keep you healthy and full of energy to carry out your childcare duties.

After a few days, jet lag should be gone and you should be feeling better. If you are experiencing continued fatigue or depression, you may be suffering from Cultural Shock.  Print out our top tips for adjusting to the cultural exchange program.

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Top Tips How to Avoid Gaining Weight During your Year Abroad

Au pairs often gain weight during their year abroad, much like the "freshman fifteen" where college students pack on the pounds when they leave home for the first time. The typical American diet is full of carbs and resturant meals are supersized.  Au pairs who are lonely and homesick often indulge in comfort eating to ease anxiety and depression.  You don't have to gain weight in your year abroad.  If you follow these simple tips, weight gain will not be a problem and you will not have to go out and buy new jeans!

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