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ProAuPair and Special Needs Families

Based in San Clemente, California, ProAuPair’s specialty is recruiting older, experienced au pairs, many of them who have professional degrees in pediatric nursing, teaching and early childhood education, etc. 

As the numbers of children diagnosed with autism spiral in this country, there is a great demand for childcare givers who are affordable, experienced in providing one-on-one care in the home and who have specific training working with this population.
Many parents with a special needs child desire to host an au pair - it is cost effective and they are beginning to learn which agencies are moving into the Special Needs niche with trained au pairs who desire to work with this population.  

Susan Asay, Founder & CEO of ProAuPair, has a keen interest in matching au pairs with families who have a special needs child. 

The first agency that a parent should look at is ProAuPair. Susan Asay, who owns and operates this small agency in San Francisco, CA, works hard with each host parent to match them with an au pair who has the educational background and training in fields that are relevant to the special needs population

Susan told Au Pair Clearinghouse:

"There is an increase in families with special needs children, particularly as the number of children diagnosed with autism climbs, parents are frantic to find the appropriate childcare.  ProAuPair’s mission statement is to match experienced, bilingual au pairs from Germany and other European countries with host families.”

We asked Susan how her business was growing and if host parents were happy with Pro Au Pair's au pairs and she said:

"Absolutely!  Host families are very happy with Pro Au Pair's Special Needs au pairs and the majority of our host parents extend for another 12 months with their first au pair!"

  • This is great news, as parents of special needs children know, it is difficult and sometimes heartbreaking to find good, quality childcare that is affordable.  

Susan stated that ProAuPair’s testimonials have increased on her website and that parents are more than willing to share their full names, professions, states and photos

"Our parents are educated and savvy consumers who appreciate the time we take in finding, screening and recruiting our special needs au pairs.  They are delighted with the care ProAuPair au pairs give to their children.  We have been very busy keeping up with demand." 

The testimonial below is from a professional, working mom who found ProAuPair's services to be a "Godsend."  

Headshot ImageKatherine Phillips, Host Mom & Professor at Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Business, Visiting Professor at Stanford and Columbia NYC, New York

"One of the biggest strengths is the level of maturity, knowledge and concern that their Au Pairs exhibit. Our Au Pair is committed to doing a great job and the occupational therapy training she received in Germany has been a Godsend.  I am confident that my daughter is receiving the support she needs."

Susan is now working on video testimonials to help get the word out to the American public - if you have a special needs child, you may want to check out this new agency (ProAuPair received its designation from the Dept. of State in the summer of 2011).   

Complete Review of ProAuPair Agency:  

If you have a special needs child and are looking at au pair agencies, please take a look at this unique, new program that specializes in well-trained, qualified and older au pairs that are looking to work with a special needs child.  MIXED REVIEWS for 2014 - Read the current 2015 Review and find out how this agency is doing today. 

ProAuPair Review 2015

Sample Comments from Host Family Survey Respondents:

  • "I’ve used ProAuPair as well and they are completely different – highly customized, focused on quality not quantity and worth every penny!  Again, competing on price is crazy when you are pitching having someone living in your home, join your family and care for your children. "
  • "Small, newer agency, but costs are outrageous compared to the other agencies."
  • "They do a fantastic job finding highly qualified candidates."
  • "If you really need an au pair who wants to work with special needs family, check out this agency first!"
  • "As a small agency, I feel I have direct contact with the owner, Susan Asay, who has been very committed to both us as a host family and to the au pairs.  I feel that in an emergency, I’d be able to access Susan directly and she would respond."
  • "It’s a very small agency, so you have to deal with Susan all the time, also I tried to get a free online report and I sent my email in, I never got the report, only they contacted me via this email, so, it was really a marketing device, which I think was kind of tricky."


Check out their video on the special needs services Pro Au Pair provides: http://proaupair.com/autism/#

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