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AuPairCare's Special Infant Care Program

New! Infant Specialized Care Program

Au Pair Care, a leading au pair agency, has a new program that should be of great interest to parents of infants!

Data from the Census Bureau show that over half of mothers' with infants are employed outside the home - these working moms have to arrange for childcare, but the first year of a baby's life is a critical developmental period that requires a consistent, reliable and nurturing caretaker. As most working mothers know, maternity leaves are relatively short and they must entrust their precious infants in the care of someone else.

A new au pair program, sponsored by Au Pair Care, might be the answer! Infant Specialized Care is a program that provides families with a trained, live-in au pair who specializes in infant care and child development. Au Pair Care's program allows working mothers to provide their babies with consistent care in the comfort and safety of their homes.

Infant Specialized Care au pairs receive 40 hours (here in the USA) in infant care training:

Infant Care

Feeding, bathing, changing diapers, safety issues, etc.  They also receive training in infant stimulation and child development; infant massage, infant sign language and receive a certification in Infant First Aid and Infant CPR. In addition, the au pair has to have a minimum of 200 hours in childcare experience with babies under the age of two years old.

In a press release, Heidi Woehl, Vice President of Au Pair Care, says,

"With so many women with infants in the workforce and a clear lack of quality providers catering to this age group, developing a tailored au pair service that offers specialized infant training and experience was a priority for Au Pair Care."

We found that the additional cost is not prohibitive since parents are only paying $1250 more a year in program fees; human infants are not used during the 40 training (au pairs practice on dolls); all Au Pair Care au pairs are screened with a criminal background check and all au pairs must take a psychometric test to rule out any mental health issues, such as depression, etc.  They are trained in various skills such as baby massage, CPR and sign language. 

TIP: Make sure you screen infant trained au pairs carefully and do your homework! Choosing an au pair for a very young child requires more diligence on your part and your baby cannot tell you there is something wrong, as an older child can. Make sure you check the au pair's references and speak to her several times before you hire her. Also, be certain that any Asian au pair (many au pairs from Thailand sign up for infant qualified programs) you choose speaks clear, precise English. Your baby will be learning English the first year and young children need to hear English spoken clearly and correctly.

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