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Summer Blackhurst's Bio

Summer Blackhurst, Public Relations Coordinator

Go Au Pair Agency

I'm married and a mom of three children: a 3-month-old girl, a 22-month-old boy and a 3 and half-year-old boy. I have a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from the University of Utah. I started out my college education in family studies but I have always been fascinated with sociology.  I earned my way through college working in a daycare and then later as an after school teacher for third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders.

In the middle of my college experience I took a break and spent a year and a half in Argentina as a representative from my church. The majority of my roommates in Argentina were from South America and I was totally immersed in the culture and spoke Spanish 95% of the time there.

After college I spent 10 years as a reporter, marketing director and then as a public relations account manager at a PR agency in Salt Lake City. I have been with Go Au Pair as a public relations coordinator for the past two years.

Currently, I am conducting research at Go Au Pair. I have done more than 100 interviews with Host Families. Many of the interviews have been with Host Families with other Au Pair agencies as well as Host Families with Go Au Pair. The purpose of my interviews and case studies are to find more about successful Au Pairs, Host Families, cultural exchange and childcare. In the interviews I narrow in on specific topics to find common links and test hypotheses.

In addition to the interviews I study themes like culture shock, bilingualism in the US, raising children, and so forth. I am working on publishing fact sheets, white papers and case studies from the interviews I conduct. Ultimately, I hope to uncover so much of the unknown about how cultural exchange and childcare can benefit one another

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