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The Problem Au Pair

The Problem Au Pair

Once your new au pair arrives and settles in (or not), you may find issues with her driving, English or maturity. You may question her true reasons for coming to America, one of which is not caring for children all day! Or, you and she simply do not get along - there is a personality mismatch. She may be great, but your personalities clash. She is quiet, shy and prefers to read while listening to piano sonatas while your three rough and tumble (but adorable boys) are outside playing touch football! You like things done quickly and with efficiency. Your au pair prefers to poke along and after 3 weeks, you come home from work and still find toast crumbs on the table.

Or you find her simply dreadful, and you feel annoyed by countless little things, from her stringy, dirty hair and pungent body odor, to her poor attitude and that damn broken side mirror dangling on the car (yes, she was told not to back out of the garage, but she did anyway).

She stays out late during the week, is often sleepy and yawning when she comes downstairs in the morning to get the kids and she drives insists on driving them to school in her pajamas. Whatever the problem is, you may decide you cannot put up with her for 12 months. What is a host mom to do?

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