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My Au Pair is Too Attractive

Touchy Situations

Your Au Pair is Young, Gorgeous and Blond

"I hired a very pretty,sexy au pair blond German au pair and she has been with us about 3 months. She is tall, slim and, well, gorgeous even without make-up at 6:30 am in the morning! Maria is fantastic with the kids who love her and even my grumpy husband (who was against having a live-in) lights up when she walks into a room.

She has always been professional in her behavior towards me and my husband (there is no flirting or fooling around at all) but I feel old around her. I am only 39, I play tennis to stay in shape, but I can't help feeling middle-aged when I am in her presence.

It is not the au pair who has the problem, its me - old and frumpy from CT!"

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