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Au Pairs' Great Expectations

Why You Need to Know: What Au Pair Agencies Don't Tell Au Pairs!

Many au pairs sign up for their cultural exchange year abroad with very different expectations compared to American host family's expectations. This difference between host family and au pair expectations can lead to:

  • Rematch 
  • Financial loss
  • Disruption in childcare
  • Au pairs leaving families in the middle of the night
  • General dissatisfaction and disappointment with the entire au pair industry for both parties

Au pairs are courted by the au pair agencies with glossy, colorful brochures depicting exciting travel opportunities and a fun-filled adventure. The material often skims over the childcare components.

Many au pairs arrive imagining an easy life "helping" laid back host parents with their well-behaved children and in their free time exploring the country and making lots of American friends.

They dream of visiting the exciting cities and sights of America illustrated in the glossy brochures and look forward with excitement to trips to NYC, Washington, DC and the Grand Canyon. 

What are au pairs' expectations and why do they differ from your's?  

What can you do about it?  

How can you improve your communication with prospective au pairs so they are happy, well-adjusted and ready to work when they arrive at your home?

We have the answers, top tips and information you need to ensure your au pair match is a solid one!

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