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5 top reasons au pairs quit

5 Top Reasons Au Pairs Quit

You worked hard finding the right au pair for your children, she arrives and all of your expectations are met!  She is smart, efficient, kind to the children, but knows how to discipline them, and she is very easy to live with.  You and your spouse are very pleased knowing you both made a good match and that now you can both go to work feeling confident all will be fine at home - its a great feeling! 

A month later, your top-notch au pair, the envy of your neighbors and friends, announces that she is quitting!  You are shocked and dismayed and she sits down with you to tell you WHY.  Don't wait for this to happen to you - find out the Top Reasons au pairs fire their families!  Good au pairs know they have value and they can and will ask for a rematch if your family is not the "right fit" for them.  If you know why au pairs quit, you can prevent this happening to you!

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