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Au Pair Clearinghouse Testimonials


AuPairClearinghouse Testimonials

What People Are Saying About Us!

"Edina, I want to thank you for offering an objective source of Boy With Heart information for potential host families in the U.S. When my husband and I were looking into hiring our first au pair, it was so difficult to find good information comparing the different agencies. Each sales person from the various placement agencies could easily tell us why they were the superior au pair organization, but no one could really help us choose which agency would best meet our needs. As parents of a disabled child, we had very specific requirements and easily became frustrated and a little hopeless that we would not find the right au pair and agency for our family. What a great help your website would have been to us back then!  Thank you for putting together such a fantastic resource for new families!"

Host Mom & Therapist, Kate B.

"We are new parents to a set of twin boys - my wife works full-time and after a few months, she will return to her career. After finding your wonderful review service, we joined and found all the advice and information we needed to get started on our search for an au pair who is ready and willing to care for twins! And boys at that!  Whew - it will be a demanding job, and that is why it is important for us to make sure we researched the au pair option carefully.

Thanks Au Pair Clearinghouse for your amazing and accurate reviews!"

New host parents & Au Pair Clearinghouse members from Tribeca, NYC

"My family started our journey to find an au pair with little more than a need and a little information.  Au Pair Clearinghouse helped us sort through the benefits and challenges of the many agencies providing services, gave us the tools to choose wisely and provided peace of mind as we dove into this exciting experience of hosting an au pair."

Captain Robert DeMartino, US Army and AuPairClearinghouse Member

 "Your website is a godsend! We needed affordable childcare and we heard from a friend that au pairs were considerable "cheaper" than daycare.  However, we also heard some negative things about au pairs and how immature they can be and that some agencies literally forget all about you once you pay their program fee and you accept an au pair.  We found all the information we needed on the Clearinghouse to zero in on a great agency and we matched with a wonderful au pair.  Yes, there were some bumps in the road, but we would have found the same at a daycare or with a private nanny - we like the fact we have local support and a great agency that takes care of our concerns and problems.  The kids love the au pair (from Colombia) and we wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful service for busy, working parents."

Thank You! :)  

Host Family Satisfaction Survey Respondent

"Dear Au Pair Clearinghouse,

I was doing my own research on Au Pair agencies of which there are fourteen and three of them serviced the area where I live. I was almost ready to sign up with one of them until I learned about Au Pair Clearinghouse. Then I did research on Au Pair Clearinghouse to make sure the website was objective – as opposed to being sponsored or being in partnership with an au pair agency. I am happy to say I am glad I read what Au Pair Clearinghouse had to say. They provided the information I needed to make my decision and not make a mistake. After all, it is about my children and I want to make the best available decision. After reviewing the Au Pair Clearinghouse website, I chose a completely different agency. I was not even going to contact this particular agency had it not been for the Clearinghouse website reviews. This agency had the quality of au pairs I needed and the customer service."

Thanks Au Pair Clearinghouse! Mary K., Future Host Mom, Louisiana 

"We love your website and business...we are a very young family and will be hosting au pairs for at least the next 10 years.  You made our lives so much easier when we first started looking for an au pair, found your website and we quickly became members.  We continue to update our membership each year as we care about quality childcare and we want to be on the cutting edge of all what is going on in the au pair world.  Thank you for your website!"

Newbie host mom of 3 children and AuPairClearinghouse Member

"Deciding whether or not to host an au pair -- and if so, which agency to use -- was daunting. We began researching various agencies, websites, countries and au pairs, only to find ourselves overwhelmed with bits and pieces of information presented in different ways. Au Pair Clearinghouse provided a one-stop-shop to go to, where I could find great amounts of information presented in an organized and helpful fashion. It was indispensable to our au pair search. Thanks to Au Pair Clearinghouse, we are finally able to narrow down our search, and are on our way!"

Caren S., Washington, DC New Host Mom and AuPairClearinghouse Member

"The Au Pair Clearinghouse site was critical in my choice of au pair agencies. When you go online and look at all the different agencies out there - they all look alike, they all say the same thing and all their websites look the same. I was able to find the right agency with the information provided by this consumer website - it is an invaluable resource and nothing else is around like this!" They should write a book for new families because there is consumer information you should have that the au pair agencies will not tell you - for obvious reasons!"

Stella from Augusta, Georgia

"I told my LCC about this site and she told me that she told a few other LCCs as well. I have found great info on this site and I want others to benefit as well"

PA Host Mom

"Whenever a friend or relative ask me about au pairs, since I have had them for a few years now, I give them my little speech, about what to do, and what NOT to do, and refer them to my agency.  Now, I always include this website, and tell them to read as much as they can.  It is very helpful, thank you!"

Arlene, VA

"We love your website! All the information we needed as “newbie” host parents was at our fingertips. We especially like your customer reviews and testimonials. Hearing what other parents had to say about their experiences with different au pair agencies was very helpful. Thank you!"

Kelly Family, VA,

"I am very impressed by the quality and quantity of the membership resources!  If you are really interested in hosting a quality au pair, you must read through these pages!  Thank you Clearinghouse for providing us, as new parents, with the information and expert advice we needed to begin our search for an au pair.  The customer support is amazing too!"

Casey G., NJ

AuPairClearinghouse Endorsements

Au Pair Foundation, California

"Au Pair Foundation is so pleased with our relationship with Au Pair Clearinghouse. Au Pair Clearinghouse is a wonderful, neutral resource for Host Families and we refer Host Families to Au Pair Clearinghouse often. We are thankful to Edina and the Au Pair Clearinghouse team for providing such valuable resources and information to Host Families and Au Pairs."

Carrie Crompton, National Director of Field Operations, carrie@aupairfoundation.org

CEO of Smart Au Pairs--Nicole Kofkin--Praises Au Pair Clearinghouse

 Smart Au Pairs CEO Praises Au Pair Clearinghouse

"Au Pair Clearing House has become an amazing resource for host families. I often use it as a shortcut to research the standards of the au pair program in the USA, a benchmark for us in many ways as Australia has no official guidelines for au programs to date.  Their host family resources &  articles on hosting au pairs serve as an inspiration for me and for the au pair community at large."


Nicole Kofkin, CEO
Smart Cultural Exchange Pty Ltd
ACN 146 911 462

Trading as Smart Au Pairs; for au pair placements in Australia.


"Your website is wonderful! There is so much useful information and it's very helpful for parents looking for an au pair. You will find well-written and well-researched articles on different cultures and countries, including Western Europe, South America and Asia. You should know about the cultural backgrounds of your au pair before you host one!" 

Tamaki Bowman, Owner of AuPair International Japan

"For busy parents being a educated consumer can be difficult, especially when you're looking to find the perfect Au Pair. That's the beauty of Au Pair Clearing House, they do the hard work for you.

As a parent educator, I have often wondered who regulates the Au Pair industry. Who lets parents know the good from the bad. Then I came across Au Pair Clearing House and relaxed. I spoke with them and checked them out for myself before recommending them to my clients, and they passed with flying colors.

They care, they really care. They want only the best for your children and aren't afraid to point who can and can not give it to you.  So when you're looking to hire an Au Pair, make sure you check out all the agencies first by going to Au Pair Clearing House."

Sharon Silver, Author of Stop Reacting and Start Responding, 108 Ways to Discipline Consciously and Become the Parent You Want to Be.  www.proactiveparenting.net

Did you know
Proactive Parenting's™
Sharon Silver was on
The Oprah Show?

"The au pair agency websites have great information on them, but you must realize that they are selling a product at the same time they are sharing information with you. Aupairclearinghouse.com is a great resource for impartial, unbiased advice and I would send prospective host families there first."

Nancy Felix, Author, Oh My, Au Pair, A Complete Guide to Hiring and Hosting an Au Pair

"AuPairClearinghouse.com is a great place to find out which agencies are considered the best in the au pair industry. It gives up-to-date information concerning United States government policies on hosting an au pair, useful tips, professional advice and much more! This consumer resource also offers all the latest news on and about au pairs. I highly recommend this website!" 

Tayla Shoup, Author, The Girl's Guide to Being an Au Pair, www.bestaupairguide.com

"Au Pair Clearinghouse is a wonderful and informative resource on the au pair industry, featuring au pair reviews and ratings! We recommend this website to our host families." 

EurAuPair Agency

goAUPAIR recommends Au Pair Clearinghouse as a "popular resource" and a "reliable third party unbiased source of information and a credible expert in the field for host parents."

"Besides goAUPAIR resources, families can search various websites focused on Au Pair care and Host Family information. A popular website is Au Pair Clearing House, it provides reviews and ratings of all U.S. Au Pair agencies and offers advice on all aspect of choosing and hosting an Au Pair. The website also features news and frequent interviews from different Au Pair agencies from across the country."

Michael McHugh"Thanks for all the work you do with Au Pair Clearinghouse!
I think families really appreciate having an unbiased site like yours to educate them about the different aspects of the Au Pair Program and guide them towards choosing the right agency for their needs."

Michael McHugh, Program Director of InterExchange AuPairUSA Read our interview with Michael McHugh

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