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Best English Skills Review - 2015

Our Blue Ribbon Winners for 2015 - Best English Speaking

Do you need an au pair with good-excellent English speaking skills?

American host parents rate good English skills as one of the most important factors in their decision to match with an au pair.  Good English Skills MATTER!  

Now, there is an easier way to find au pairs with good, reliable English skills...

We have the survey results from real host parents like yourself - host parents rate their au pair’s ability to speak and communicate in English on a 4-point rating scale:

    “Not Satisfied at All” -- "Somewhat Satisfied" -- "Satisfied" -- “Very Satisfied”

Some of our Host Parent Survey Respondent Comments:

  • "Our children are very young and we need an au pair who understands and can communicate well in English - we were able to find a great agency that understood our needs and they matched us with a great au pair.  Thank you Au Pair Clearinghouse!"
  • "Our first au pair did not speak English at all, even though our agency assessed her as an "excellent" English speaking au pair!  How these assessments are being done, is beyond me!  Of course, I interviewed the au pair, and I finally figured out that it was her friend who was actually sitting in for our au pair.  I heard that this happens a lot!"

You Need to Read the Entire English Speaking Report

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