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Au Pair Agency Ratings & Reviews


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Au Pair Agency Ratings & Reviews

Read Our Au Pair Agency Reviews and Ratings

Before You Host an Au Pair

Your Children will Thank You!

An Educated Parent Makes the Best Childcare Choices



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Au PaIr Quality

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Top 5 Overall Customer Service

  • Major Agency Strengths - agencies with low fees; good au pair health insurance, quality au pairs, parent recommendations, customer service, local support, etc.
  • Major Agency Weaknesses - most expensive fees, poor screening methods, au pairs who don't drive or speak English, poor customer service, etc.
  • Agencies that have the highest Quality au pairs
  • Cost-effective au pair agencies - we outline all costs for each agency
  • Specific Programs -  we identify agencies that have unique programs for special needs children, infants and half-time childcare
  • Agency Websites -  which sites are user friendly, offer great host parent resources, ease of navigation so you can easily find what you need, etc.
  • Phone Service -  how agency staff handle calls, which agencies depend on answering machines, emergency coverage, helpfulness, etc.
  • Host Family Ratings - how did host parents like yourself rate each agency?

 Not all au pair agencies are the same - know more and choose better! 

Top Rated Au Pair Agencies

REMEMBER: Au pairs are highly affordable and are one of the best childcare choices for busy American families.

  • While most au pair agencies receive MIXED customer satisfaction ratings from host parents, there are 5 agencies that receive positive evaluations that are above average FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE and deserve our recognition in our yearly Top 5 Au Pair Agency List.
  • Find out which agency made the #1 spot and the other TOP 5 agencies.
  • Our Review includes Host Family Comments.


Our Blue Ribbon Winners: Best English Speaking

Do you need an au pair with good-excellent English speaking skills?

Blue Ribbon

American host parents rate good English skills as one of the most important factors in their decision to match with an au pair. 

Now, there is an easier way to find au pairs with good, reliable English skills...

We have the survey results from real host parents like yourself - host parents rate their au pair’s ability to speak and communicate in English on a 4-point rating scale:

    “Not Satisfied at All” -- "Somewhat Satisfied" -- "Satisfied" -- “Very Satisfied”


  • Agency A is the top Host Parent's Blue Ribbon Pick - at 85% - Host Parents gave this agency  EXCELLENT Satisfaction Scores.

Some of our Host Parent Survey Respondent Comments:

  • "Our children are very young and we need an au pair who understands and can communicate well in English - we were able to find a great agency that understood our needs and they matched us with a great au pair.  Thank you Au Pair Clearinghouse!"
  • "The first au pair, who was rated by our agency as having "good" English arrived knowing very little English and on top of that, her understanding was practically nil.  We lost a lot of money, since our agency doesn't give refunds - we will never match again without checking in with your website.  Thanks!"
  • "It is difficult to really assess an au pair's English skills, our agency said it would be easy, because we have to interview her via phone, at least once.  But we found out later, after the au pair arrived (with poor English) that her sister was the one on the phone with us, not the au pair we matched and paid for!"


Best Au Pair Driving Skills Review

Host Parents Rate Satisfaction with Agency Screening of Au Pair Driving Skills

Oriental Driver Host parents evaluate their au pair's ability to drive a car on a 4-point scale:

   “Not Satisfied at all” -- "Somewhat Satisfied" -- "Satisfied" -- “Very Satisfied”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 20 million U.S. children and adolescents suffer preventable motorcar injuries annually.  A survey completed by a leading au pair agency found that child safety is the number one concern for American host families.  

No question - Driving is an important skill that your au pair should have.
It is hard to tell if your au pair will be able to drive when she arrives.  She will tell you she drives and perhaps the agency says so on her application, but NO au pair agency evaluates any au pair’s driving skills during the screening process and before she arrives in your home. It is just too expensive and time consuming. 
Find the au pair agencies that get it right - we connect you with the au pair agencies that really shine and receive top ratings on driving.   Host parents complete our yearly Host Family Satisfaction Survey and share their experiences with you. 

Don't Guess, Verify, if your au pair has the driving skills you need to ensure the safety of your children. 



Best Quality Au Pairs Review

> Host Parents Ratings - the Best Quality Au Pairs

In our Host Family Satisfaction Survey, parents rate their Satisfaction with their agency’s Quality of Au Pairs.

The Quality of Au Pairs is defined by these characteristics: 

Happy Mother

  • Ability to Keep Children Safe
  • Pleasant & Flexible Personalities
  • Ability to Drive Well 
  • Ability to Speak English Well
  • Childcare Experience

        Survey Outcomes

  • Host parents rate the TOP 5 agencies, ranging from 72% Satisfaction rate to the Top Agency rating of 84%. 

Sample Comments by Host Family Survey Respondents

  • "My agency, one of the largest and most well known, disappointed - after 2 rematches we left, losing thousands of dollars."

  • "Our agency dropped us totally after we matched with a horrible and inexperienced au pair.  Buyer beware!"

  • "Even though our agency is small, they have the best au pairs - its such a difference compared to 2 of the larger agencies we had in the past." 

Find out which agencies deliver great au pairs....

Find out which agencies fall short.....


Best Counselor Ratings

Host Parents Rate Satisfaction with Agency's Local Support

Counselors, LCCs or Regional Representatives are very important to the overall success of the match between host families and their au pairs.

Providing expert local support is key in the overall perception of customer satisfaction for each agency.

Counselors are the local agency staff that is assigned to each family and au pair and their duties are numerous:

Peeking Around Corner.jpg

  • Provides ongoing support and assistance throughout the year

  • Offers monthly meetings to the local au pairs

  • Maintains monthly contact with both host parent and au pair

  • Provides assistance to both families and au pairs with health problems, college courses, driving issues and childcare.

  • Provides ongoing safety and childcare workshops for au pairs

  • Provides advice and counseling when problems arise


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